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Get Professional Care for your Feet  Today

Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Clinics or the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have a professional foot care nurse treat your feet and nails at a clinic, hospital, assisted living facility, or in the comfort of your own home.  M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE LTD. uses only high quality medical grade tools and products while ensuring that current CSA Standards are met.   Our vacuum integrated podiatry drills remove dust particles creating a clean environment for clinics, hospitals or home foot care visits.  Our new Electronic Health Records system provides accurate point-of-care documentation to improve continuity of care.

Foot Care Nurses can help you care for:

  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Fungal Toenails
  • Thickened or Curled Nails
  • Corns or Calluses​
  • Hammertoes and Bunions

As well as foot or nail complications associated with:

  • Diabetes and Neuropathy
  • Chronic Kidney Disease and Edema
  • Circulatory problems and loss of sensation
  • Toenails affected by Psoriasis
  • Education and referrals are provided as needed

Onyfix Ingrown Nail Correction

Onyfix is a licensed medical device only offered by certified medical professionals.  A 2mm wide strip of resin is applied and then hardened to hold the desired shape. The Onyfix strip stays on and retrains the shape of the nail as it grows over 8-12 months, completely reshaping the nail for pain free lasting results.


Onyfix Nail Correction (1 -2 nails)



Keryflex Nail Restoration for Misshapen and Fungal Toenails

Keyflex is a podiatrist approved antifungal nail reconstruction specially designed to cosmetically improve misshapen, fungal and damaged toenails for 6-8 weeks.  A Keryflex antifungal impregnated resin is used to create a safe, flexible fake toenail to make your misshapen nail beautiful again!


Keryflex Nail Restoration (1 -5 nails)


Show off your toes!


Now offering an innovative new treatment for stubborn fungal nails.  Photo disinfection is a safe and effective medical treatment that will rid your nails of fungus in just four to ten 30min treatments. Clear Toe is a new Health Canada approved Class II medical device and serum used only by trained medical professionals. This pain -free effective in office procedure will have you showing off your nails in no time.

CA $75 (per treatment)

Advanced Nursing Out -Patient Foot Care Clinics

Nursing foot care for diabetics, persons with ingrown toenails, thick toenails, fungal toenails, corns and calluses. Some price exceptions may apply

Nursing Advanced Outpatient Foot Care Clinics (30 mins)


Advanced Nursing Home Foot Care

Nursing foot care for diabetics, persons with ingrown toenails, thick toenails, fungal toenails, corns, and callouses. Some price exceptions may apply

Nursing Advanced Home Foot Care (45 mins)


Ask us about our Educational Workshops & Presentations for caregivers, Health Care Workers/Support Workers

Are you part of a group, team, or organization that would benefit from an educational presentation on the importance of foot health?  Education and prevention are key to community health.  Have us come to you and present a powerpoint with props, pictures, handouts, discussions and more!  Educational presentations are presented by an Advanced Foot Care Nurse Educator.  Call and book today!

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