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What is a foot care nurse?

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Foot Care Nurses provide professional foot care in homes and outpatient clinics. 

We assess, treat, and monitor common ailments of the feet such as diabetic neuropathy, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, thick & fungal toenails.  We provide specialized services only offered by medical professionals and use only high-quality products most recommended by experts.

Enjoy the Benefits of Taking Care of Your Feet

Keryflex Nail Restoration for Misshapen and Fungal Toenails

Keyflex is a podiatrist approved antifungal nail reconstruction specially designed to cosmetically improve misshapen, fungal and damaged toenails for 6-8 weeks.  A Keryflex antifungal impregnated resin is used to create a safe, flexible fake toenail to make your misshapen nail beautiful again!

We have proudly offered

the ONYFIX ingrown nail correction system since 2020.  The ONYFIX is a safe and painless long term solution for chronic ingrown nails. 



Now offering an innovative new treatment for stubborn fungal nails.  Photo disinfection is a safe and effective medical treatment that can rid your nails of fungus in just 6 to 10 treatments. Clear Toe is a new Health Canada approved Class II medical device and serum used only by trained medical professionals. This pain -free effective in office procedure will have you showing off your nails in no time.

Show off your toes!

CKPG News; Foot Care Fridays

Watch our video (click image on the right) for a glimpse of our local nursing foot care clinics


Business History

Owner & Foot Care Nurse Educator Melonie Millar established M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE LTD in 2019.


She finds foot care very rewarding because most patients feel better immediately after their treatments.  Over the next few years, Melonie hopes the business can better meet the foot care needs of the BC northern interior by educating the public about the importance of foot health and providing quality nursing foot care services. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase access to nursing foot care services across Northern British Columbia.

Our goal is to educate and provide safe, client-centered, professional nursing foot care to local communities by using quality medical equipment and evidenced-based best practices.

We value the safety, dignity and independence of our clients as well as the health and well being of our colleagues.

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